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     Welcome Guardians, and thanks for checking out RETROSPECTIVE! We are a small PvP guild that has just started to break into raiding on a regular basis and have made decent progress in that direction.
     We are currently recruiting healing and ranged DPS classes, so if you are interested in conquering Rift's progression from the ground floor, seeing all content and truly learning it, as opposed to just being handed gear, please think about letting RETROSPECTIVE become your new Telarian home!
Guild News

RIFT goes F2P on June 12th, 2013. I am coming back are you?

Zanriki, Jun 5, 13 4:20 PM.
Hey Guys,

Been trying to get in touch with Ryrin or Chrome but, I don't have a way to reach them so I'm sending out a mail to everyone. I'm back in RIFT and loving it, it's a lot of fun. Would be great to see you all back in game. I am on the Seastone shard (last PVP server left) max level is 60 and max PVP rank is 80. Some of my gear is being replaced by lvl 51 greens so, you will definitely have to re-gear if you haven't played after Storm Legion. If you download Raptr and create an account and leave it on the main screen for RIFT after about 14 hours, you can get a free copy of the expansion and start playing today/this weekend! 

I joined a guild called Unreal, it is absolutely great. Best part of when RIFT goes F2P is that there will be faction changes allowed. Also, if you join a PVE shard, you can actually have cross-faction guilds. Hopefully a few people come back. Take it easy!

Name on Seastone is Zanriki.
You can e-mail me at
Skype: JSmith621

Potential Server Transfer

Zanriki, Nov 2, 11 11:01 PM.
Hello Everyone,

I want to be sure that everyone is aware that multiple members of Retrospective are moving characters to Season. Why are we moving you might ask? We are scoping out Seastone as a candidate to transfer the guild to. We will make the final decision next Tuesday, November 8th, 2011.

Because we have people on multiple servers, please be on vent so we can be sure to communicate. Also, if you have any questions please contact Chrome, Ryrin, Mechanix, or myself.

Please give us any feedback that you have about Seastone, we are very excited to hear what you think!

New Layout for website

Ryrin, Sep 6, 11 11:27 AM.
     Over the last few days Retro's website has gone through some changes.  Please let me know if you like/Dont like and if you have any thoughts on what can make it better, send me a message through the mail system.  I know we all play a game togehter and most people think its enough just to communicate through vent, however we have these tools as our disposal. 
     Chrome has made it so we can use this website without ads, and with a filing system to where we can upload files and images onto guildportals servers, we have a forums board which is being remodeled for more orginization and its a place to send others to for recruitment purposes. 
     Do all you can to help others by posting your knowledge of your class, specs, rotations, go to the UI board and post your UI to give Ideas to others (If your dashboard is fucked from the beginning no matter how good you are, you can be better) Or, just post funny websites/ vids in the Internet humor forums... 
     All in all  make this a home away from home.  Some of us cant get in game at work, but we crave information on whats happening in game, or whats happening with our guildies...   Help a brother out!!

Are we there yet?

Chrome Stargazer, Jul 13, 11 5:40 PM.
Alright everyone!  Welcome to our new website! I want to thank Reported for getting this started up! I need to know where we are and where we want to go!! Please go here to tell me just that!  If you want to Raid tell me what your hit/focus/toughness score is and all that.  My goal is to start raiding as soon as possible with all of you! based on what i see i will put forth a schedule of dungeon running and such!  Thanks again and again welcome to the new Website!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Dofensmirtz, Jun 25, 11 4:06 PM.
First 3 down in DH guild run great time all keep it up!!!

Will put up that achievment soon...
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